Be Unlimited is committed to producing educational media that can be used to promote critical thinking skills, personal growth, and well-being among young people.  When properly used as a learning tool, media can also provide a means for self-awareness and reflection so vital to the healthy development of adolescent lives.


We are proud to announce the release of our feature film The SPE@K Project.
The message of The SPE@K Project is that each of us has a voice that needs to be found and heard. When silenced, we become invisible.
The SPE@K Project tackles issues (bullying, dating violence, mental illness, LGBT homelessness, substance abuse, etc.) relevant to youth today.
The film is meant to encourage dialogue among teens, their families, educators, and youth advocates alike.
newspeak3The SPE@K Project has the potential to create conversations that save lives.
The SPE@K Project won two major awards at the 2013 Atlantic City CineFest (Best Short Film; Best Ensemble Cast) and screened in the Official Selection / Short Feature category at the Teaneck International Film Festival that same year. The film has also screened at high schools and colleges.
For information on how to book a screening of The SPE@K Project, please send inquiries to:

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    I am inspired!

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