Unlimited: The Experience (For students in grades 5-9)

“Everyone wants to be better.  Everyone wants to feel inspired.  Everyone needs to believe that they are unlimited.”

Those are the words of Be Unlimited’s creator, Devan Blackwell.  Though he’s now an award-winning educator, an author, and a filmmaker, Devan can still relate to the feelings of so many young people in the world today.  Growing up, he was the target of bullying and a struggling learner in school.

Looking back on those days now, Devan says, “I spent many years pretty sure that I wouldn’t amount to much.  Over time it became clear that if I wanted anything to change I had to change the mindset I had about myself.  Then, I’d have to change the mindset of what I thought was possible for me to become.  It took some time, but I was able to remove so many limits that once existed for me.  I want all young people to experience that exact thing.”

During the highly-engaging Unlimited: The Experience, Devan will share with his audience the methods he used to overcome his adolescent struggles and strategies to help them develop the mindset, life skills, and tools essential for confidently reaching their highest potential in life.  The 75-minute presentation also integrates lessons from the action-oriented Be Unlimited 101 curriculum.

Devan gave a lot of time to the concept and creation of Unlimited: The Experience. From writing to rehearsal, the objective was always to give audiences something different.  “It’s what happens when you combine a talk show, performance art, and a really loud pep rally,” is how Devan describes what people can expect.  “A lot happens from start to finish.  It’s perfect for people with short attention spans like mine.  Of course there’s a format, but it’s very fluid and can change from audience to audience,” he goes on to explain.  “The presentation is delivered in a conversational-style because that’s how I teach.  It’s also interactive because I like to give young people a platform for their voices to be heard.  And, there’s even improv and music.  It truly is an experience.”

Unlimited: The Experience is designed to make young people feel better about themselves, and introduce them to the possibilities of what they are capable of achieving in their lives.

For more information on booking Unlimited: The Experience (including fees, speaker availability, etc.), please send inquiries to: contact@beunltd.com.


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