Ready…A.I.M. (For students in grades 3-6)

This interactive learning experience promotes personal development among young people using the A.I.M. Model (Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation), created by Devan Blackwell.  Infusing popular music, film, and artistic expression, activities encourage young people to erase the limits of what they can be, do, and achieve.  This engaging workshop teaches students that the source for aspiration, inspiration, and motivation can be found almost anywhere.

Using the A.I.M. Model, students will learn to:

  • discover a message of self-esteem in song lyrics;
  • use the film medium to find strategies for dealing with bullying situations;
  • see unlimited goals for their future in the pages of a magazine;
  • and that’s not all…there’s so much more!  

This workshop will leave students feeling that their potential in life is unlimited.

The {Me}dia Experience (For students in grades 6-9)

Young people see themselves reflected in the mass media on a daily basis.  Many of these images are slickly and often unrealistically delivered through advertising campaigns, television and film, music videos, etc.  This phenomenon has often created body image issues, influenced reckless behavior, and inspired a collective lack of imagination and individuality.

This interactive and engaging workshop teaches students how to understand the media’s subjectivity, and encourages them to remain bright and free thinking despite being bombarded by messages to be otherwise.  Through an exciting multimedia presentation that will include the use of film, music and print advertising, students will gain perspective on the influence of mass marketing, how to deconstruct what they see, and how to analyze their own roles as consumers.

The topic of media imaging and advertising is limitless.  This greatly needed workshop on media literacy will evoke high interest and engagement amongst students.  Popular, commercial media can be used as an effective way to foster critical thinking skills and personal development.  When properly understood, it can also provide an outstanding vehicle for self-awareness and reflection that is so vital to the development of adolescent lives.  This unique, relevant presentation will prepare students to take on the media with a stronger sense of themselves and their power to reject certain media messages that are not right for them.

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