Ideas Everywhere! (For educators in grades 3-6)

What do your students aspire to be?  What are they inspired to be?  What are your students motivated to be?

This interactive learning experience for teachers offers ideas on how to infuse popular music, film, and artistic expression into activities that encourage young people to want to learn.  Using the A.I.M. Model (Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation), created by Devan Blackwell, this engaging workshop teaches that the source for aspiration, inspiration, and motivation can be found almost anywhere.

Using the A.I.M. Model, teachers will learn to teach their students how to:

  • discover a message of self-esteem in song lyrics;
  • use the film medium to find strategies for dealing with bullying situations;
  • see unlimited goals for their future in the pages of a magazine;
  • and that’s not all…there’s so much more!  

This workshop will leave teachers with unlimited ideas for helping students reach their highest potential.

For more information on booking a workshop or any other speaking engagement (including fees, speaker availability, etc.), please send inquiries to:


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