It’s true.  Young people with nothing to do during out-of-school hours miss out on opportunities for growth and development.  The odds are high that youth with nothing positive to do and nowhere to go will find things to do that negatively influence their futures.  Be Unlimited is here to help.

BE AFTER SCHOOL will engage youth (grades 4-9) in stimulating and thought-provoking activities designed to introduce them to their highest potential– what they can be, do and accomplish with the right mindset.  Using the Be 101 curriculum, the program will give young people an action-oriented learning experience that includes: hands-on activities, reading and writing assignments, role-play exercises, and community outreach projects.

BE AFTER SCHOOL will encourage young people to:

  • identify personal qualities in themselves that contribute to feelings of self-value;
  • express their feelings, ideas, and opinions in thoughtful, artistic ways;
  • make responsible choices and decisions for themselves;
  • work toward setting and achieving meaningful goals;
  • develop an increased commitment to education and learning;
  • use a range of strategies to resolve bullying and peer pressure situations;
  • demonstrate skills that enable them to socialize with peers in healthy ways;
  • and, develop leadership skills.

Participation in BE AFTER SCHOOL will also teach young people that reaching their highest potential can make a difference in their communities, and impact the world around them, through a service learning component.

This component will include:

  • Direct Service Learning: Person-to-person, face-to-face projects in which service impacts individuals who receive direct help from students (i.e., peer tutoring, work with the elderly, peer mediation, volunteering, etc.).
  • Indirect Service Learning: Projects with benefits to a community as opposed to specific individuals (i.e., neighborhood cleanup projects, restoration, food and clothing drives, etc.).
  • Advocacy Service Learning: Acting, creating, speaking, writing, presenting, informing, etc., on projects that encourage action or create awareness on issues of public interest (i.e., anti-bullying, violence and drug prevention, promoting tolerance, etc.).

BE AFTER SCHOOL will give young people more than a place to go.  It will provide them with opportunities to be better, to be inspired, and to be unlimited.  For information on how to start a BE AFTER SCHOOL program in your area, send inquiries to:


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