The Be Unlimited Award honors young people (ages 10-15) who demonstrate that they are striving to: 1) reach their highest potential through academic or artistic study; 2) make a difference in their community through a self-created service initiative; 3) or, impact the world around them by addressing a social cause or issue.

Recipients of this honor are awarded with a grant provided by Be Unlimited, LLC.  This grant enables young people to pursue their area of study, service initiative, or social cause.  Grants cover educational costs, costs for supplies, etc.

To apply for The Be Unlimited Award, submit a 250-500 word, typed essay which answers the question, “How Am I Going To Be Unlimited?”  Essays should include the area of study, service initiative, or social cause that you would like to pursue, and strong reasons that support why you should receive The Be Unlimited Award.

For example, if an applicant’s goal is an academic pursuit, they must explain how the course of study will help them reach their highest potential, identify a program offering the course of study, how the grant money would be spent (tuition, travel, supplies, etc.), and, when the course would be completed.

Or, if the applicant’s proposed initiative is planting an urban garden, they must explain how the project will improve their community, what they would use the grant to buy, and when the project would be completed.

All submissions will be judged on both style and content.  Judges will look for the following qualities:
  • Essays that clearly address the question “How Am I Going To Be Unlimited?”;
  • Strong reasons to support why the applicant should receive an award;
  • Depth of feeling about the chosen area of study, service initiative, or social cause;
  • Originality and imagination;
  • Eloquence and style;
  • Work that is clear, articulate and logically organized.

We will be announcing this year’s call for submissions soon!  Keep checking here for more details and deadline information. 

Bishop Allen (pictured on the right, with his instructor, Snake) is a former recipient of The Be Unlimited Award.  He hopes to turn his love of video games into a career as a game creator and designer someday.  The Be Unlimited Award sent Bishop to Princeton University’s Internal Drive (iD) Tech Camp, where he studied Game Creation and Arcade & Platform this summer.  We congratulate Bishop on this award and wish him the best as he continues to work toward his highest potential!


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