Sometimes thoughts (especially the negative, anxiety-inducing, catastrophic ones) repeat themselves like a tape that keeps playing the same song — over and over again inside your mind.  Like:
What if (insert your worst case scenario) happens?  What if I’m not ‘this or that’ enough? What if my plans fall apart? What will I do if there really is a zombie apocalypse?!?!?!    
Know when it’s time to ‘change the tape’ and switch to a different song that’s better for you to listen to.  Like:
I am expecting (insert your best case scenario) to happen.  I am more than enough.  If my plans do not work, then I’ll make new plans.  I will survive the zombie apocalypse!  
Need to ‘change the tape’ playing in your mind?  Try it today.


(This pic is for everyone who actually remembers cassette tapes.)



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