The hash tag #24HOURS was trending on Twitter recently.  It got me thinking about the potential that one day holds.  24 hours might not seem like a whole lot of time, but if used properly, it can be enough time to make the choice, then start taking the steps to become a better you.  

24 hours.  1,440 minutes.  86,000 seconds.  Think of what changes you can make, the ways you can improve.  It doesn’t take months and months of planning.  Start today, right where you are.

Improve the way you think about yourself.  Expand your idea of what you can be.  Commit yourself to moving forward.

Change your diet.  Start an exercise program.  Take better care of yourself.

Pursue a new hobby.  Study harder.  Plan for your future.

Pursue friends who lift you up.  Give yourself or someone else another chance.  Make things right.  Try again.

Let go of that grudge.  Offer an apology.  Accept an apology.

Stand up for something.  Get involved.  Use your voice.

Those are only a few ideas.  What are you going to do?  Do not let your current situation or what happened in the past keep you from taking steps forward today.

24 hours is enough time to make the changes that will lead to your highest potential. You really are unlimited!


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