Turtles never seem to be in a rush to get anywhere.


People are just the opposite.  We live our lives at Internet speed where most things we want are just a click away.  So, we’ve gotten used to getting things fast…very fast.

Whether it’s fast food, or downloading music and movies fast, or exchanging our thoughts with others fast through text messaging and email, there isn’t much that we have to wait for these days.

Today’s lesson is about slowing down.

While there are definite benefits to getting things fast, there can also be a downside. The pace of your life can become just as sped up if you aren’t careful.

Take it from someone who spends a great deal of time on the go.  Some times you need to slow down the speed of your life.  It’s a good way of taking care of yourself.

If your schedule is packed with too many activities, every once in a while you need to step away from them.

Take time to recharge.  Take time to breathe.  Take time to enjoy not being in a rush to get anywhere…like a turtle.  I think we can learn something from the speed at which they move.

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