Take a moment to imagine yourself in a crowded bus station or train station where you see a person who looks like this. What do you do? Do you turn the other way? Or, do you pretend that he is invisible? If you do notice him, do you wonder what happened to his eye? Do you wonder how he got the bloody bandage on his neck or what happened to his hand? Do you wonder how long it’s been since he’s had a meal or taken a shower? Do you wonder where he sleeps at night?

If you didn’t know that this person was me (an educator, filmmaker and  youth advocate), would you think that he somehow deserved to be in this situation? Would you automatically assume that he was a drug addict or was dangerous? Would you see him as any less of a person…as any less human? Would you fail to see his potential (what he could have been & what he could still become)?

Be Unlimited’s I’M HOMELESS photo campaign aims to put a human face on homelessness; to humanize the nameless people that we see living out on the streets. For me, this is an artistic statement, and an initiative to raise awareness. But for millions of people, this is an every day reality.

As many of you already know, on November 21st, I am sleeping out to show solidarity and support for homeless youth. Anything you can do to help me in this effort would be greatly appreciated.  Go to the link: (http://covhou.convio.net/goto/DevanBlackwell)  to make a donation if you are able to do so. Thank you for your consideration and support.



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