What is your spark?


A spark is something that ignites a certain feeling inside.  It’s that thing that makes people passionate about pursuing a dream or creating something new or wanting to change the world.  To have the life you want, you need to find your spark.

There are many places to look for it.  Start thinking about the hobbies or interests that you have.  Try to remember the most recent conversation you had with another person that inspired you in some way.  Create a list of the biggest, boldest ideas you can possibly think to be, do, achieve and experience in your life.

As you do these things, chances are you will find a spark somewhere.  There will be something that you return to, something that ignites a feeling inside.  If that spark is kept going, it has the potential to take your life in a new direction full of amazing possibilities.

Your spark is there, waiting to be discovered.  Just don’t stop looking.


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