For the past few months, I’ve been in work work work mode.  While I enjoy what I do, I see how certain areas of my life have been neglected.  One of those areas is the attention I pay to my health.

Healthy Life Freeway Exit Sign

When you’re on the go as much as I’ve been recently, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine is difficult.  This is a situation that many of us find ourselves in.  Eating on the go and missing too many workouts will eventually catch up to you.  We’ll see the results in many ways— a decrease in energy, weight gain, changes in our immune system, mental cloudiness, and more.  I’m experiencing a few of those symptoms. That’s why I know that it’s time to make a change.  Like…right now.

It’s time for a revolution!  It’s time to be healthy.  Starting today, I am going to commit myself to a new fitness plan.  This plan will include exercising at least 4-5 times a week. I am also committing myself to a better diet.  This will include taking the time to prepare healthier meals for myself and having less meals on the go.

I’m ready for a revolution, but I’m going to begin with small steps.  If you are ready to make a change in your life, I suggest you do the same.  The easiest way to get discouraged and give up is to overwhelm yourself with goal-setting.  It’s better to start with one or two initial goals and follow them through.  You’ll gain confidence in yourself, then be ready to tackle more.

On the other hand, when you start with more goals than you can realistically stay committed to, chances are you won’t follow them through.  It’s likely that you’ll get discouraged and find yourself back where you started.  Been there, done that.  Can you relate?

Being healthy starts with a mindset.  That mindset can create a lifestyle.  I encourage you to join me today as I embark on the first steps of my revolution.  Get a piece of paper and jot down a few goals for yourself.  What can you do to live a healthier life?  How can you become that healthier you?  What can you do to get started today?

Make this the beginning of your own revolution!  

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