The Be List is now a monthly feature on the Be Unlimited blog.  On The Be List, you will find recommendations on what to read, what to listen to, what to see on television or at the movies, what to wear, and more.  If it’s on The Be List, it should be on your list.   Make note…

Be Unlimited tees arrived today and were an instant hit.  That’s great news!


The t-shirts are very cool and I love seeing people wear them.  But, Be Unlimited is more than a t-shirt.  It’s a mindset.  It’s aspiring to be and do something more.  It’s removing the limits from what one can achieve and accomplish in life.  It’s doing the extraordinary.

When people think of Be Unlimited, I want them to understand what it represents.

If wearing a cool t-shirt with our logo helps people remember what Be Unlimited is truly about,—- mission accomplished.  If it actually inspires people to be unlimited in their own lives, —- even greater mission accomplished.

I believe that you can make a statement through fashion.

A statement is exactly what I intend to make with all things Be Unlimited.  When you wear Be Unlimited tees and other apparel, understand the statement that you are making to the world.  Also understand what the world will see in you.  While wearing our clothing and apparel, you will be expected to rise to what the brand’s logo is promoting—- reaching your highest potential.

So go on, BE in style…our style.  And make your statement loud and clear.

Be Unlimited clothing and apparel will be on-sale to the public soon.


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