Welcome to 2013. New Year, New You! Here are 13 things to be mindful of as you continue to work towards reaching your highest potential:


  1. You matter in this world.
  2. One reason to feel good is that today is an opportunity to be better than you were yesterday.  Strive every day to become a better person.  Don’t try to be perfect, just focus on improving yourself in some way.  You will achieve the benefits in the long run.
  3. Give yourself permission to change your mind any time your situation doesn’t feel like the right fit.  This imperfect fit might be the people you hang around with.  It could be your attitude about your future.  This imperfect fit might be the choices you’ve been making and the negative outcomes they’ve resulted in.
  4. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself.  You can always start over and create something else, something closer to your highest potential.  Consider it an upgrade.  No one limits the number of choices you get.  That’s entirely up to you.
  5. When you focus on reaching your highest potential, you can’t help but change your mindset.  Thinking about what you want to be successful at, and the talents and skills that will get you there make something happen inside your brain.  It’s almost like giving it a rewiring.
  6. Growth is a good thing.  It leads to change.  Too often people choose to stay in a comfortable place at the cost of their personal growth.  They do the same thing over and over again or live the same way day after day.  No change, no growth.  There’s nothing wrong with having a comfort zone.  We all need one.  But, getting stuck there can make you miss out on life.
  7. Life is like a roadmap.  Our choices and decisions set the paths we follow.  We get to decide.  There are many paths to choose from.  It really depends on where you want to go.
  8. Always remember that  you are free to be who you are.  You have a voice and it matters.  Speak up.  Keep a mind of your own.  If you truly want to be an individual, then you must think for yourself.  Decide how you will be an original.
  9. There are many ways for you to be of service and many places to get started.  Helping in your community can bring great benefits to you.  You will build positive relationships with others, feel empowered to make a difference, and learn valuable life skills.
  10. It’s good to have things to look forward to. Looking forward leads to motion. People who don’t go forward in life remain stuck. Whether you’ve been knocked down or if you’ve just lost sight of a better vision for yourself and for your life, I encourage you to find something worth looking forward to.  Remember, it’s a choice. Make it your choice.
  11. You are what you think.  That’s why setting intentions is so important.  The word intention means to stretch toward.  Having an intention is putting energy into something that you one day want to be, do, or see happen in your life.  It’s setting a goal.  It’s making a plan.  You are never too young to set intentions for your life.  Why not start today?
  12. Do not let your current situation or what happened in the past keep you from taking steps forward in your life.
  13. There’s no better time than right now to make the changes that will lead to your highest potential. Get started today. You really are unlimited!

Wishing you the best of everything in this exciting, new year!

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