When I feel inspired it means I’ve seen, heard or felt something that makes me think “I can be, do or achieve (fill in the blank).”  The choices are as unlimited as the sources of what inspires me.  Fortunately, I am someone who is inspired by many things—conversations, new ideas discovered in books, words on bumper stickers, graffiti on a wall, the places I travel.


I am inspired by the photo above.  Some people might only see a smiley face and palm tree spray-painted on a building.  But I see something more.  I see a message.  It reminds me that we create our own happiness.  That idea inspires me.  Look at the photo again.  What do you see?

The idea is to always be on the lookout for inspiration.

I keep myself open to the opportunity of being inspired at any given moment.  That’s something that all of us can achieve with the right mindset.  Don’t close yourself off to an opportunity for inspiration.  The mission of Be Unlimited is to be a constant source of it.

Inspiration won’t always strike like a lightning bolt.  You can’t sit around waiting for it to happen.  But there are ways for you to spark inspiration for yourself.

Here are some ideas:

Write down all your ideas, notes, quotes, dreams, goals, etc.  Be consistent and add items to it often.  In time, these writings will become a great source of inspiration for you.

Try something new.  Explore the possibilities.  Take on an art project (draw or paint, even if you’ve never tried).  Challenge yourself by learning a game like chess.

Read more.  Books can be an incredible source of inspiration.  All of these activities will trigger new ideas, increase the level of your skill, and boost your confidence.

Get inspired, then pass it on.  The opportunities really are unlimited.


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