Yesterday morning, a cyberbully on Facebook attempted to post a cruel and offensive message aimed at a teen who appeared in our 3 On Bullying feature— a tribute made to the young lives lost in bullying-related suicides. It was a demonstration of the kind of behavior that leads so many young people to such despair, and in many cases, tragedy.

Cruelty, hate speech and intolerance might have a place elsewhere (sadly), but definitely NOT HERE. Be Unlimited does not endorse or support that kind of thinking. And Be Unlimited will not tolerate any social media users (on this site, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter) who wish to share those thoughts. Apologies to anyone who might have seen the post before it was deleted. That user has been banned from our Facebook page and reported.
Let this be a lesson for us all…we must take every opportunity to stand up and speak out against cruelty, hate speech and intolerance whenever confronted by it.
Be good to yourselves and to other people.

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