Discovering the right quote at the right time can make the difference between whether we reach our highest potential in life or not.  I am always on the lookout for good quotes– ones that inspire me. Whether they be from famous thinkers or not-so-famous ones, quotes can be the words that motivate us to take another step, inspire us to try again, or improve our belief in ourselves and what we are capable of.

I wanted to share these words (which were written on a wall in India) because they create a question that we all need to ask ourselves. If not us, then who? Hopefully these words spark something in you: an idea, an action, a change. You never know where your source of inspiration will come from. Be on the lookout for quotes that speak to you. Stay open to the possibilities of what you can discover in the world and in yourself.

Be better.  Be inspired.  Be unlimited.

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