The Be List is a new feature to the Be Unlimited blog.  On The Be List, you will find recommendations on what to read, what to listen to, what to see on television or at the movies, what to wear, and more.  If it’s on The Be List, it should be on your list.

On The Be List today is our first book recommendation. We encourage you all to read Believe: The Victorious Story of Eric LeGrand (Young Readers’ Edition). If you don’t know who Eric LeGrand is, it’s time that you introduce yourself to this remarkable young man.

It was October 16, 2010. Eric was a Rutgers University football star. The defensive tackle was in the heated fourth quarter of a tie game against Army. A crushing tackle left him motionless on the field. While an entire stadium of spectators went silent with fear, Eric knew his life would never again be the same.

What Eric didn’t know, however, was that the months to come would be an amazing, transformative journey: one so profound that he would call the year following the accident that paralyzed him from the neck down “the best year of his life.”

In this uplifting memoir, now adapted for young readers, Eric tells the incredible story of how he rebuilds his life from a wheelchair, continues his college education, and pursues a career in sports broadcasting. His belief in a grand plan and his hope for the future make him a role model for anyone who has experienced tragedy or faced obstacles.

I was in the studio audience of Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show ‘Anderson Live’ the other day.  Eric was the featured guest.  During the taping, I was able to tell Eric how remarkable his positive mindset is and what an inspiration he is to all people. After the show, I had the honor of meeting Eric and taking this photo with him. He truly is an extraordinary person.

His book is inspiration from cover to cover.  Read Believe: The Victorious Story of Eric LeGrand.  Be inspired!

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