The Be List is a new feature to the Be Unlimited blog.  On The Be List, you will find recommendations on what to read, what to listen to, what to see on television or at the movies, what to wear, and more.  If it’s on The Be List, it should be on your list.

This is a very special edition of The Be List, as we remember someone whose talent and imagination touched the lives of millions.  The late Jim Henson (the creator of Sesame Street, one of the greatest television shows ever!) would have been 76 years-old today.

Even though I never met him, Jim Henson added so many feel good moments to my childhood.  It makes me feel good to remember growing up with that show. All the creatures that Jim Henson brought to life seemed so real to me. He created magic.

I still feel like a kid whenever I’m surfing through the channels and see Sesame Street on t.v.  It’s amazing how that happens.  Instantly, my mood grows happier.  All those childhood memories return.  I’m happy that Jim Henson’s work lives on and that he’s still making people feel good around the world.

In honor of Jim Henson, I decided to extend the FEEL GOOD campaign that got started over the weekend.  Let’s keep it going another day.  Do something that makes you feel better.  Do something that makes someone else feel better.

Keep your focus on feeling good!


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  1. Hoovra says:

    Many wonderful things cam to be in 1972…Sesame Street was one of them! 😉

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