Be Unlimited is taking a major stand against bullying.  Our 3 On Bullying feature appears on the last Friday of every month.  Here, you’ll learn facts to keep you informed, skills to help you handle bullying situations, the support you need, and much more.  This month’s 3 On Bullying takes a look at girls and bullying.

ONE: The typical girl who bullies is popular, well-liked by adults, does well in school, and (believe it or not) can even be friends with the girls she bullies.  She normally doesn’t get into physical fights, although some girls who bully do.  Instead, she spreads rumors, gossips, excludes others, shares secrets, and teases girls about their hair, weight, and intelligence.  She will also usually tend to bully in a group and join in with others who pressure her to bully.

TWO: Bullying amongst girls reveals some disturbing facts.  A girl is bullied every seven minutes in the school yard, playground, stairwell, classroom or bathroom.  Girl bullying statistics show that nearly 50% fear harassment in the bathroom at school.  This kind of bullying can have just as serious consequences as physical bullying.  It can cause a drop in grades, low self esteem, anxiety, depression, drug use, and poor eating habits in girls who are bullied.  This kind of bullying is also harder to see.  Most of the time adults do not realize when girls are being bullied in this way.

THREE: In today’s schools, girl bullies are difficult to discipline.  Catching them in the act is almost impossible since they are not as direct as boy bullies who typically choose to fight.  While boys may bully other boys, either because they are different or appear weak, girl bullies attack the emotions of others.

Are you facing a problem right now?  There’s help at the end of the line when you call the Boys Town National Hotlinewhich is not just for boys, by the way. Whether you’re a child, teen or parent, they can help. 1-800-448-3000.  2NDFLOOR is a confidential and anonymous helpline for New Jersey’s youth and young adults.  If you need to talk about an issue or problem that you are facing, call 2NDFLOOR at (888) 222-2228.

Be Unlimited is taking a major stand against bullying.  We hope you are ready to stand with us. 

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