There are countless songs written about a thing called heartbreak.  Turn on the radio and listen to the words of the brokenhearted.  I guarantee that you’ll hear at least one.

This lesson isn’t about love songs.  But, we will start out by examining what’s commonly known as heartbreak.  Is it even humanly possibly for a heart to break?  Physically, no. Having a broken heart is a figure of speech.  By definition, heartbreak means ‘intense or overwhelming sorrow, grief, or disappointment.’  Symptoms of heartbreak include: an emotion of great sadness, misery, or pain.

People experience what is considered to be heartbreak everywhere everyday, for a variety of reasons.  It’s a human condition that none of us can escape.  Some people experience the symptoms of a broken heart because of something called intolerance.  The symptoms are all are same.  Targets of intolerance will experience feelings of great sadness, misery, and pain.

Tolerance is accepting the differences in others.  These differences include: race, culture, gender, identity, religion, ethnicity, etc.  Intolerance occurs when people are not accepted for their differences, and mistreated because of them.

An environment of tolerance would allow every person to live and be who they are. There’s a philosophy called live and let live.  It’s simple.  When you give people the freedom to be who and what they are, it allows you the same.

Be Unlimited hopes to help readers develop a lifelong mindset of tolerance.  We support tolerance education and encourage all people to learn and demonstrate this behavior. Expect to learn more about it in upcoming lessons.

You can stand up and speak out against intolerance in all its forms.  That includes becoming more sensitive to certain kinds of name-calling, being aware of the jokes you laugh at and the words you use, and being ready to intervene when you witness the mistreatment of others.

Tolerance and respect go hand in hand.  Respect is an important way of showing kindness to other people.  Respect means not making fun of others.  Respect means thinking of how somebody else feels.  Respect is treating another person the exact same way you would want to be treated yourself.

There are lots of ways to show respect.  The opportunities are unlimited.  Accepting other people as they are is one way.  Even when a certain lifestyle does not fit your own, or when the customs of a culture differ from yours, respect should be the minimum responsibility for all people to show one another.

You do not have to live as someone else does, but try to imagine yourself in their situation.  Try to imagine the suffering that some people live with on a daily basis due to attitudes of intolerance.  If you are adding to this suffering in any way, then it’s time for you to make a change.  Start today.  Be better.

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