Be Unlimited is committed to producing educational media that can be used to promote critical thinking skills, personal growth, and well-being among young people.  When properly used as a learning tool, media can also provide a means for self-awareness and reflection so vital to the healthy development of adolescent lives.  I wrote the screenplay for and am directing a feature film called The SPE@K Project.  The film is being partially financed with a grant from the Atlantic City Education Foundation.
The message of The SPE@K Project is that each of us has a voice that needs to be heard, and when silenced, we can become invisible.  When completed, The SPE@K Project will be used as a teaching tool in middle and high schools, as it tackles issues (bullying, body image, identity, peer pressure, gang violence, etc.) all relevant to youth today.  The film is meant to encourage dialogue among teens, their families, educators, and youth advocates alike.  Its thematic content has the potential to create conversations that save lives.  
Production on The SPE@K Project began last week.  Actors from each of the nine public schools in the Atlantic City district have been cast to represent the cultural diversity of the city.  A film crew consisting of students, who are learning the craft of filmmaking, has also been assembled.  The film is being shot exclusively with iPhones, using HD quality software.  Filming is expected to last through the next six to eight weeks.  Keep it here for more updates on The SPE@K Project as production continues.

*In the photo above (left to right), Alexandra, Farhan, Stiven, Omar, Irteza, and I take a break from filming.


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