doer is a person who does something.  Doers have the mindset that what they want to be, do, and achieve is possible.

You matter in this world.

If this is your first time being told this, never forget it.  These may be five of the most important words you’ll ever need to believe.  I matter in this world.  This is the mindset to have.  The person who you choose to be, and how you make use of your talents, skills, and abilities (the ones you have right now and the ones you will develop over time) will impact the world.

The world is a large place, yes.  It’s especially large when measured in distance.  The picture you’ve seen in an encyclopedia, or that spinning globe in your classroom, only adds to your idea of how large it is.  Don’t let the size discourage you.  Changing the world is not that complicated.

It helps to think of our larger world as being made up of many smaller pieces.  You live in your own piece of the world.  That piece of the world is full of opportunities for you to be a doer.  It’s full of opportunities for change.  It’s full of opportunities for you to show that you matter.

Start in your school.  Start in your neighborhood.  Start in your community.

Get involved with an anti-bullying campaign.  Clean up a local park.  Tutor students at your school who need help in a subject that you do well in.  Speak up in defense of others when they are being put down.  Create posters to promote an anti-violence movement where you live.  Volunteer with an organization of your choice.  The possibilities are endless, those are only a few ideas.

What’s important is that you do get started doing something.  Be Unlimited will show you what is possible in the form of ideas and inspiration, then give you the encouragement to follow through on your world changing effort.

Be Unlimited will feature profiles of people your age who have discovered their potential and are making a positive impact in the world around them.  These are activists, artists, and anything but average young people whose life stories will inspire you towards building something greater in your life.

The Be Unlimited Award* has been created to honor young people who demonstrate that they are striving to: 1) reach their highest potential through academic or artistic study; 2) make a difference in their community through a self-created service initiative; 3) or, impact the world around them by addressing a social cause or issue.  Recipients of this honor are awarded with a grant which enables them to pursue their area of study, service initiative, or social cause.  How’s that for motivation?

There are many ways to make a difference.  You are unlimited.  Changing the world is possible.  The question is…what are you going to do?

If you are reading this now, the world is soon to change for the better because YOU will make it happen.

(*The 2012 Be Unlimited Award call for submissions will be posted on Monday, January 30th.)

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